Invite Skylines to Your City

Skylines The TV Show



We are itchin' to hit the road and visit your city!


We are looking to visit cities with spectacular architecture and amazing architects with a a flair for sharing details, information and an architect’s insights into the back-stories about interesting architecture in your area.


This is your chance to share your knowledge with viewers from all walks of life, your architect-peers and architecture-loving people all across the USA.


Whatever your architecture story, we'd love to hear it!


To apply, please email us here (or use the form below) and be sure to include:

  • Your city and state in the subject line of the email

  • Your name, phone number, current occupation in the body of the email

  • A recent photo of yourself

  • A description of the buildings, structures or designs you’d like to profile and share with viewers

  • A few photos of those buildings and a little background on why you think you they are amazing and interesting.


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